In 1999, the Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM) was organized by a group of enthusiastic scholars from Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, and Korea. AASM was formally established in South Korea in September 2002 and hosted its first annual conference at the National Korean Sports University.

AASM is a professional organization that combines academic with practical research and promotion in the feld of sport management. Some of AASM’s missions include encouraging and promoting original research in both theoretical and applied aspects of sport management theory and practice, assisting in the dissemination of information and knowledge base in sport management, organizing various congresses to promote and strengthen the purpose of AASM, publishing proceedings and journals related to sport management, facilitating and developing relationship among academic institutions in Asia, and collaborating with other organizations with similar purposes.

Since its establishment, AASM has expanded its member nations by a large degree. Currently, the member nations of AASM contain: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.