Greetings to the participants and organizers of the 14th ASIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SPORTS MANAGEMENT (AASM) CONFERENCE help on 02 – 04 August 2018 at the De La Salle University, Taft Campus. 

On behalf of the Philippine Sport Commission (PSC), we are pleased to welcome all the participants to this year’s conference which aims not only to gather local and international sports leaders, students, professionals, coaches, and other sports enthusiast, but more so, provide opportunities for advancement and critical thinking on sports management. 

With the theme, “Discovering and Developing the Sport Industry Potential in Asia”, we believe that this event will be a great platform for growth and establishment of foundation towards sports excellence.

 The PSC is truly grateful to provide support and partner with sports endeavors such as this one. As such, we hope for the success of the 14th AASM and wish the participants a positive and fruitful experience throughout the conference.

William I. Ramirez

Philippine Sport Commission Chairman
On behalf of Asian Association for Sport Management family, I would like to welcome distinguish guests, speakers, presenters and participants to AASM Conference 2018. This year, the conference firstly come to the Philippines, and the conference site is located in the heart of Manila, which you can witness the atmosphere of rich culture and historical sites. I would like to thank you Sport Management Council of the Philippines, De La Salle University and all members of organizing committee for their hard works and great initiatives throughout the preparation period which you can witness from the movement in conference website and social media. This academic gathering will provide opportunity for sport management scholars and professionals to exchange their ideas and perspectives. New findings will trigger innovations and better ways to manage sport in Asia and beyond. Lastly, I have a strong confidence that AASM Conference 2018 will be a memorable event and highly success in all aspects.

Dr. Issadee Kutintara

The President of Asian Association for Sport Management
Greetings! I welcome you to De La Salle University, to the 14th Asian Association for Sport Management Conference. I express my gratitude to you all for attending this event. 

In 2002, the Asian Association for Sport Management was established in Seoul. AASM made ground-breaking contributions to the field of sport management. It provided opportunities and different avenues for its members to explore further their profession in the industry. 

Every annual occurrence of the conference showcases various keynote speeches, oral and poster presentations, and panel discussions from scholars and professionals around the world who have a career in sport management or engage in sport-related vocations. 

Alongside this conference the world is experiencing exponential growth in the fields if sports marketing, sports media, and many more. The world is coming together to form a new age that will continue to grow and develop. Not only are the speakers and guests around the world an important part of the conference, but especially YOU. Here I invite us all to engage into conversation, insight, and ultimately - learn new things. 

Again, thank you for your presence - the participants, the guest speakers coming from different parts in the world. Enjoy the conference everyone!

Brian C. Gozum, Ph.D.

Dean, DLSU Ramon V. Del Rosario – College of Business

We welcome all participants from here and abroad to the 14th Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM) Conference, with the theme: Discovering and Developing the Sport Industry Potential in Asia.

So why does sport industry matter? In a data report published by the World Trademark Review in October 2017, it said that "the sports industry has enjoyed prolific growth in the last decade." Furthermore, as per KPMG, "the entire global sports market – including infrastructure, events, training and sports goods – is estimated to be worth between $600-700 billion year and its growth outpaces the GDP growth of most countries.” 

And Asia is predicted to have the largest share of this global sport market. And as sport-loving as Filipinos are, the notion that sport “can” be a viable or a sustainable undertaking is slowly gaining ground. This conference assembles a “dream team” from various disciplines in sport management, marketing, education, as well as industry practitioners, not only from international but from local experts as well. 

We are grateful for the magnificent support from the Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM), our conference partner, De La Salle University, the international and local academic communities and our local partners in government and in the private sector. More than ever, we need the synergies of all stakeholders, not only for this conference but also for networking and future collaboration towards our collective efforts in sports. 

Each one of us has a role in sport development. I enjoin all to come away from this conference more determined and equipped.

Geraldine Go-Bernardo

Founder, Sport Management Council of the Philippines

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